About Us

Wonder polymers Pvt. Ltd. located in , India, is a rapidly growing manufacturer of a board Line of customized and standard specialty engineered products that rely upon surface chemistry technology .the company’s product are principally comprised of adhesives and coatings applied to films, foils, paper and fabrics specializing the design of products for specific applications and has customers operating within a wide range of industries its customers are primarily other manufacture who use its products as components in their manufacturing process. The industries with in which the company produces its products include the refrigerator, footwear, graphic, digital printing, tape, label and decal, industrial automotive and electronic industries.
The company, founded in 1981 , has developed an expertise in the development of variety of self adhesive tapes. The company is one of the oldest manufacturer of self adhesive tapes in india.

The company’s products , however , have proliferated to include numerous other coated and laminated productes. these include speciality tapes, surface protection tape, and numerous customized products .the diversification of products stems from WPPL flexibility in product design and manufacturing capabilities, which allows the company to aggressively pursue the many markets which require the application of custom coating and laminating technology. Management believes the company is unique in its ability to utilize its research and sophisticated processing capabilities , to meet any specific customer needs the company is particularly adept at working with a customer throughout the product development and manufacturing to meet our customer’s specific requirement . Mangement belives the companey's total capabilities. which includes the processing of the thinnest of films, place it among the most innovative companies within its field of specialty coating and laminations. WPPL endeavors to combine a wide variety of chemical coating, substrates and manufacturing processes to provide as board a range of servies as possible to meet the demands of its cusmtomers. we belive that the use of multiple coatings, substrates and comprehensive processing capabilities allows WPPL to offer its customer all of the Processes and chemistries needed to produce components or complete coated and laminated products.