WPPL, since its founding, has directed its effort towards products incorporating the latest technological innovations in films , coating , adhesives and processes. As a result ,it offers its customers a comprehensive line of chemical coating and substrates, and a full range of process by which the coating can be applied . WPPL has singnificant expertise in broad range of raw materials . this understanding of a diverse range of films , coating and adhesives is invaluable in the selection of the appropriate materials for an intended application. The company’s experience with a wide variety of specialty materials favorably affects final products performance.

WPPL is able to combine materials which produce cost- efficient engineered solutions for applications with demanding specifications. The company’s extensive experience in applied chemistry,when combined with high-quality materials, produces high value products for unique applications.

Our Specialisation & Capabilities

WPPL Specializes in “roll-to-roll” coating and laminating processes. The company employs five basic types of coating and laminating processes. (1) reverse roll; (2) direct gravure,(3)offset gravure (4) knife-over-roll; and(5) other proprietary coating processes .WPPL offers a wide range of capabilities to meet substantially all of its customers needs. The company has differential and two-sided coating capabilities. The company’s equipment is capable handling rolls of material that weigh up to 200 kg, and many be use on films s 0.25 mils and as wide as 50 in. the company also has extensive capabilities, including rewinding, slitting and sheeting.

WPPL employs thermal; curing methods for its various coatings .the thermal curing process utilizes heat in order to dry both solvent and water based applications where the substrates is not adversely affected by the heat of the curing process or. for solvent contained within the coating. These services enable the company to provide its customer with significant flexibility in developing new products to improving existing products. The company, of course, provides prototype sampling, and has extensive product development and in-house analytical testing capabilities. The company also provides product-specific quality assurance procedures and encourages customers to take participative role in the process.


Acrylics Aluminium one reverse roller for adhesives and coatings
Colors(opaque) Copper gravure coaters
Colors(transparent) Fluorocarbon tapeslitter (narrow to 3mm and wide)
Computer imprintable Nonwovens slitters
Custom Nylon one rewinder
Nylon Paper one sheeter
Heat activated adhesives Polyester die cutting systems
Laminating adhesives Polyethylene gravure printing
Matte top coatings Polymide narrow web hexo printing
Pressure sensitive adhesives Polypropylene
Specialty top coating Polyurethane
Silicone release Steel
Non – silicone releases Textiles
Zone/pattern coating Vinyl
Both solvent & water base